ISABELLE RICQ            


Archaeological excavations testify of the presence of the Innu people in Canada's North-East coast 8000 years ago. Descendants of a community came by all appearances from Asia by foot, by taking the Bering strait during the last glaciation period, they used to be hunters and gatherers, and their material culture and believes are intimately bounded to the boreal forest and to the tundra they travel over. A rich territory they call Nitassinan.
With the arrival of the colonizers, the natural resources of the Nitassinan quickly provoked envy, and the Natives presence became a major impediment to their exploitation.

Spoiled, dominated, today the Innu people tries to look up and resist, in the heart of a Canadian nation that doesn't mention their existence in its History books...

This project has been achieved with Emmanuelle GRUNDMANN.